REI Forms Live – A Case Study

Tina Case has no idea why she was chosen to talk about our leading edge, world class REI Forms Live software… apart from the fact that she uses it. Fair enough too; Tina is just one of 35,000 agents across Australia who works more efficiently and effectively with REI Forms Live.

“It was pretty random, I guess,” Tina muses, “but I love being up with the latest technology and I was one of the first agents to use REI Forms Live… I’ve sort of been with them from the beginning. And I’m a feedback kind of person, so I guess I may have helped improve it over the last few years.”

Yep, good reasons… But the simple truth is; we really like Tina. She and her husband own and run a very successful agency – The Professionals at Lithgow. And Tina has been just been awarded ‘Regional Property Manager of the Year’ by RE Business and ‘International Property Manager of the Year’ by The Professionals Group. So if anyone is qualified to comment on REI Forms Live, it’s Tina.

“When the electronic forms and property managements apps started coming out, I tried a few different ones, but REI Forms Live was the most intuitive. And the software developers…”

(That’s us – Dynamic Methods)

“…have been really positive in responding to any feedback I’ve provided them; particularly around functionality.”

That’s true. Tina and other agents have been invaluable to the development of REI Forms Live (and its other aliases). In fact, we are constantly updating and improving the way the software works and performs.

“As a Property Manager, I’m out of the office quite a bit, so portability is a big thing for me – being able to do my ‘paperwork’ while at a property is a great time-saver. For example, using the Inspection App to write an inspection report on my phone or tablet is fabulous – it remembers my key phrases, so I don’t have to retype every comment. I can also make changes to a report after I’ve closed the app… it’s not locked in. Put simply – I’m much more productive and the landlords love it.”

Increased productivity is the reason why more and more agents are using REI Forms Live – they are working smarter and providing better service to their clients.

“I use REI Forms Live every day for all aspects of my work – leases, terminations, agency agreements, sales, etc. and I can fill them when and wherever it suits me. I can’t wait for the legislation changes in NSW so I can use the remote signature feature on all the forms. That will make things even better.”

If you would like to register or learn more about REI Forms Live, go to www.reiformslive.com.au