/ Inspect Live

App App and Away!

Faster than a posted letter.
More efficient than ten PAs.
Able to leap paperwork in a single platform.

Look! There on your screen!

Is it a condition report?
Is it a photo-gallery?
Is it a Property Manager’s dream?

It’s our new Super App, Inspect Live!

Yes, Inspect Live – the single-platform answer to inspection reports, with powers and abilities beyond those of current technology. Inspect Live – able to change the course of mighty piles of paperwork, save time with the touch of a finger, and, disguised as a simple icon on your screen, promote efficiency, productivity and the Real Estate way!

We’re sort of from a different planet.

Having already developed the very popular REI Forms Live, we we’re looking to improve what we offered busy real-estate agents. So we locked ourselves away in our secret cave and started thinking and hypothesising and sharing jellybeans.

I guess people might say we’re from a different planet… maybe we are… we certainly have an unearthly ability to be ground-breaking.

From these cave sessions, we developed Inspect Live – effectively combining three common inspection reports (ingoing, outgoing and condition) in one easy-to-navigate platform – for both Apple and Android formats.

We heard the cries for help, and flew to the rescue.

We’d like you to know we actually take on board people’s feedback. In fact, Inspect Live has been moulded on feedback, and the fact that we constantly talk amongst ourselves about improving things. Silence is innovation’s kryptonite.

99% of the feedback we receive is super-positive – so thank you. However, we received a few comments from our country-based agents about their unreliable internet connection and how it affects their ability to use our current inspection tool. So, we devised a way for Inspect Live to take photos and input information off-line (reducing data usage) and then sync with REI Forms Live back in the WIFI world.

We think you’ll be super-impressed by Inspect Live. It is very visual (which clients love), really intuitive and simple to use. Inspect Live will help make your busy work life a lot more efficient, allowing you time to give your clients a truly personalised service.

Stay tuned.

The story is not over… we are constantly devising ways to make your world a more efficient, practical and time-rich place to be. Stay tuned for the next exciting Super App instalment.