Press Release

Milestone for real estate forms

Australia’s leading real estate forms software supplier is celebrating a major milestone – the download of the 16 millionth form using its software.

Dynamic Methods is creator of REI Forms Live, used around the country in 7,000 real estate agencies by 36,000 agents and managers to create hundreds of form templates and annexures.

Managing Director David Howell created the software in 2009 when he recognised the repetitive and inefficient nature of real estate paperwork. Through partnerships with Real Estate Institutes, he developed REI Forms Live which has now become the industry’s essential online tool.

REI Forms Live complies with real estate legislation in every Australian state and is endorsed by the real estate institutes in SA, NSW, Queensland (known as Realworks in Qld), WA, NT, Tasmania and ACT.

“We’re incredibly appreciative of the partnerships that have been forged with real estate institutes around the country,” David Howell said.

“It’s that close relationship that enabled us to develop this software, and the download of the 15 millionth form is a fantastic endorsement and reminder of how useful the software is.

“Our platform gives real estate agents and property managers the ability to create, edit and manage forms and contracts from any of their devices – their computers, tablets or smartphones.

“This is an incredibly useful tool for real estate professionals, who often work away from their desks, are time-poor, and operate in a competitive environment where they want to service clients as swiftly as possible.

“The forms are truly mobile because online users can move back and forth through the document while it’s being filled out and, once the form is complete, the data is saved to a central database and can easily be edited, printed, emailed or finalised and signed.”

Dynamic Methods also developed Inspect Live, a property inspection app, and Apply Now which allows online tenancy applications. Both products integrate with REI Forms Live.