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Agents love DocuSign


We recently released our DocuSign integration with REI Forms Live in the Northern Territory and happy agents were quick to tell us how much they love it!

I couldn't resist to not write a review.


I attended the seminar yesterday and couldn't wait to get back to the office to sign up.

I got the opportunity to use it twice yesterday and the results were amazing. Not only was it a no fuss, streamline and professional service that we can offer to our Landlord/ Tenants, the feedback was worth every cent as both clients were absolutely blown with the ease of literally opening the email, click sign and send.

Both parties did not have access to printer scanners as they are in defence and Inpex so instead of being a 24hr process waiting for the documents to be returned signed it was done in minutes.

Thank you DocuSign, REI Forms Live and REINT you have truly simplified our processes. Very happy we can allocate that time elsewhere.

Signed: Member of REINT :)

After our company attended a training and educational course arranged by the REINT in relation to “DocuSign” I had set the system to be used in minutes on REI Forms. An hour later we had used DocuSign to send a new tenants lease agreement, requesting that it be signed. Within 10 minutes the tenant had advised she had read the Lease Agreement and had signed the REINT Lease Agreement using DocuSign. The professional new tenant had commented our company’s efficiency and effortless transaction using this process.

The DocuSign Certificate of Completion was printed that provided us with a signed lease, date, time of signing, on each page of the agreement and confirmation that the tenancy was secure and legally binding. There is no need for the lease to be witnessed, as per legislation, the electronic certification is the witness.

This revolution will allow the company to produce faster turnover. I appreciate the REINT’s efforts to provide such modern and innovative products to the Real Estate Industry in the Northern Territory. The sky is the limit in this modern world if you wish to seize the latest and greatest, such as DocuSign

Michelle Davies
Property Manager/ Director/Principal