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Integrating the bestEST in the world

We are Dynamic Methods – the developer of REI Forms Live.

After 4 four years, REI Forms Live (487 templates and 219 annexures through 15 CRMs) is currently being used by over 35,000 real estate agents and property managers in 7,500 agencies across 7 states and territories. At last count, almost 13 million forms had been created.

Now, we’ve taken REI Forms Live to whole new level, with the integration of the world’s best Electronic Signature Technology (EST). It’s called


The integration looks simple, and is simple to use, but it’s a software design tour de force – all that programming mumbo-jumbo that goes on behind the screen has taken a lot of time and, dare we say… genius.

EST (actually, we made up that acronym) has been championed by REISA CEO, Greg Troughton – he’s been a strong advocate of the technology and super-impressed by where have taken it. Here’s what Greg said about the integration of DocuSign into REI Forms Live:

David Howell (Managing Director of Dynamic Methods) and his team have developed something quite fantastic and ground-breaking – the integration of DocuSign into REI Forms Live, saving users the task of manually incorporating DocuSign into individual forms. It sounds fairly straightforward, but that’s the beauty of it.

I was part of conference call with David and the American designers of DocuSign. They were amazed at the simplicity, scope and ingenuity behind the integration. In fact, the simplicity was met with silence… they we literally stunned by what they were being shown. It’s wonderful to think that people who established a global business (turning over hundreds of millions dollars) can be stopped in their tracks by the brilliance of people from a small software development business in Adelaide.

Not only are our REI Forms Live DocuSign enabled, the technology also:

  • Tracks when a document is sent, opened, viewed, signed and returned.
  • Automatically returns a form once it has been signed.
  • Only enables DocuSign on forms that have been approved by REIs. This varies from state to state (and territories)
  • Automatically updates forms so they are compliant (to changes in legislation).

DocuSign is a totally secure and legally accepted mode of signing documentation – it is the way of the future, and we are excited to be innovators of this world-leading technology. And Greg is with us 100%:

For the first time in my 20 years in legal businesses (and 10 years at REISA) I can actually envisage the reality of a paperless office. With the integration of DocuSign into REI Forms Live, the need to have something physical to sign has been superseded. The digital age is freeing us from our desks, liberating us from photocopiers and printers and allowing us to provide better service to clients.

By embracing technology, we’re also reducing the human imprint on the environment – not only are we using less paper, but less electricity and petrol. One REISA member recently told me that using REI Forms Live integrated with DocuSign has saved him $1,200 on petrol and $1,400 on car depreciation in the last 6 months.

DocuSign is an exciting addition to an already innovative electronic form platform. It’s great that we can provide our members with such revolutionary systems.

From our point of view, technology is the tool we use to discover better ways. The integration of DocuSign is the now, but we’re already looking to the future.