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You’ve informed them 10 million times already!

REI Forms Live - your form and agreement tool – has been used 10 million times.

Yes… 10 million!

That’s 10 million property transactions, sales, rentals, leases, reminders and letters created by agents, lawyers, conveyancers and everyone else who is using REI Forms Live (which at the last count had reached 35,000 and something).

Let’s say it again… 10 Million. As a number, it looks like 10,000,000. That’s a hundred MCGs packed to capacity. And to us, 10 million sounds like…

W0,000,H00! (Or a hundred MCGs packed to capacity and yelling Woo Hoo).

Okay, we are super-excited. Not just because of the number, but because REI Forms Live (and its other aliases) is making e real difference to the way you (and your agency) work:

  • It’s helping you to be way more efficient and productive.
  • It’s giving you back hours that were lost in paperwork and form filling.
  • It’s allowing you to spend more time with clients; making you a better agent.
  • It’s making you more mobile. REI Forms Live is a cloud based system – wherever there’s internet connection there’s REI Forms Live.

REI Forms Live provides you with a complete electronic system of form delivery. It also allows you to upload and add agency branding to each form. Once you begin using REI Forms Live, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

REI Forms Live is now being integrated by 15 CRMs in 7 states and territories. It’s been used in 7,500 agencies by 35,000 (and something) agents and managers who are using 487 form templates and 219 annexures.

This has all happened in just over four years!

Thanks to all of you who have helped us reach 10 million forms and for helping us improve and develop REI Forms Live – your support and feedback helps us a lot.

BTW, our Forms Counter – yes, we do have such a thing – doesn’t stop! When this article was finished, the count was at 10,029,616. Check it for yourself here


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