“Where the Form is it?”

So many folders…. Where is it?
Random names… Where did they put it??
Sooo frustrating!

With REI Forms Live, your forms and agreements software, there is no “Where the Form is it?” The form you’re searching for can be found quite simply (providing it’s in your system, of course).

All you have to do is type key words into the Search box…

As you start typing, forms containing the key words will be filtered into the box (just like an in-house Google).

The search tool works best when you use consistent naming conventions. From our experience, the street address is the simplest and most unique method of storing your forms. (After all, is there really going to be more than one 21 Turbo Drive?).

And, by using the address as a naming convention, the evolution of a property (within your agency) will be documented. For example, 21 Turbo Drive is sold to a person who uses the property as a rental (and they want your agency to manage the property). So, you’ve gone from a Sales Agency Agreement to Contract to Property Management Agreement to Tenancy Agreement to Routine Inspections… It’s like your agency could be the Wikipedia of that house!

For agencies that have multiple users of REI Forms Live, there is the added ability to filter by User and Draft/Finalised status. Easy!


For those of you who don’t mind getting a little geekier, there are a couple of wildcards you can use while searching:

Underscore _ can be used as a single character search replacement. For example, searching for ‘T_rbo’ will show results for forms named Turbo, Tirbo, Torbo, Tyrbo (but not Trbo).
(Ideal for those of us who have trouble remembering how to spell names).

Percentage (%) can be used as a multi character search replacement. For example, searching for ‘T%o’ will show results for forms that have the letter ‘T’ appearing before the letter ‘o’ anywhere in the name.
(Ideal for those of us who think we may have early Alzheimer’s… or those of us who didn’t leave the cocktail party at seven like we promised ourselves we would).

Further information can be found in our help guide here: http://help.reiformslive.com.au/#searching-for-forms


The Form Guru.