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Use Users responsibly

Using REI Forms Live – your form and agreement creation tool – the power of adding (and removing) Users is in your hands… but don’t let it go to your head!

Please use Users responsibly!

For example, when a new employee starts at your Agency and you require them to have access to REI Forms Live, the best option is to add them as a New User. Conversely, when an employee leaves, remember to mark them as inactive, because REI Forms Live is available online 24/7 to your Users.

Sometimes, we hear some scary stuff from User Abusers:

“Why can’t I just let them use my profile and password?”

“Everyone in the office uses the same account.”

Besides the sound of screaming from the IT Community, I’d like to share with you some valid reasons to give Users their individuality:

  • With each New User profile created in REI Forms Live, forms are populated with the New User’s details. Now that’s a time saver!
  • Principal Users (affectionately known as Form Gurus or Form Jockeys) are additionally able to populate forms with the details of any User in the Agency. Now that makes life a lot easier!
  • When a User emails a form via REI Forms Live, the recipient can reply directly to User! No disappearing into the great email void. Now that’s service!
  • If an agent leaves, you can transfer their portfolio of forms to another agent with a few simple clicks. Now that’s smart!
  • No need to create multiple templates for the same form! A single template will service your whole agency. When your Users login and use a template, their details are populated into the created form. Now that’s efficiency!

No need to talk to a computer geek.* For further information on how to create Users, see our help guide.

The Form Guru

*Our computer geeks are genuinely nice people, and are more than happy to assist if you really need them.