Signature Stamping in selected RTA/RTAR forms

We have released the signature stamping feature into Realworks, which is available in the following Forms:

  • RTA02 Bond Lodgement Form
  • RTA04 Refund of Rental Bond
  • RTA09 Entry Notice
  • RTA10 Notice of Lessors Intention to Sell Premises
  • RTA11 Notice to Remedy Breach
  • RTA12 Notice to Leave
  • RTAR9 Entry Notice Rooming
  • RTAR11 Notice to Remedy Breach Rooming
  • RTAR12 Notice to Leave Rooming

All of the above forms have been updated to allow signature stamping to work.

This feature will allow agents to create and store their signatures within Realworks (in the Account Details area) and insert stored signature into the above-listed forms.

This time saving feature is currently only allowed in selected notices, as this list is expanded we will notify you on this news page.

See our help guide here for details on how to create your own signature (by using a tablet device and stylus) or import a signature file.