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Let the search begin!

The new property address search improves the filtering of searches and forms within Realworks and significantly saves time on searching.

The update brings users a revolutionary experience on the platform. Realworks will now relate forms to the addresses within, rather than wading through long lists of forms and searching for a title with keywords.

When users input an address into the forms list’s search bar, Realworks will scan through the forms and find the ones that have the searched address recorded inside them, finding more accurate matches from there.

This new process means forms are associated with the actual addresses they belong to, making the property address search a more efficient means of searching for forms.

If you have been using Realworks for a long time, or even just a lot, you might have pages upon pages of forms, searching might not have been this easy…the solution has arrived.

The search process is easier and faster than ever before and will certainly improve how quickly our users can get the job done.

As with all the new features and integrations that make up Realworks 2.0, the property address search has been implemented to streamline workflows for commercial agents and property managers.

To learn about the other improvements and features that are now available on Realworks you can watch this video here.