New Property Agents and Land Transactions Act - Tasmania

With the release of the new Property Agents and Land Transactions Act on 1st April, 2017, changes were required to the following forms within REI Forms Live:

  • Auction Authority (AA001)
  • Conjunctional Agreement (CA001)
  • Open Listing Agreement (OL001)
  • Sole Agency Agreement (SA001)

The newest version of the Standard Form Contract for Sale of Real Estate in Tasmania, created in conjunction with The Law Society of Tasmania, has also been released.

The Standard Form contract within REI Forms Live is made up of 2 parts:

  • Contract of Sale (PS001), and
  • Standard Conditions (SC001)

For users that wish to provide their clients with a single document for the Standard Form Contract, start with creating the PS001 Particulars of Sale then select the annexures button to add the Standard Conditions.

You will also find a brand new form within REI Forms Live:

  • Vendor Property Disclosure Statement (DS001)

This Vendor Property Disclosure Statement is available as a standalone form and also as an annexure within the Conjunctional Agreement, Open Listing Agreement and Sole Agency Agreement.

When using REI Forms Live, your form and agreement tool, you will never create an out of date form.

Any agreements that were not finalised or templates created on these revised forms were automatically updated, indicated by an exclamation mark in front of those forms, prompting the users to click and update.

We always suggest that any forms updated are review, as new fields were added and some options may have changed.