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Here’s an update – stay updated

Recently, when conducting training in an unnamed state, I was given a scary statistic:

ONE in TWO agents were using an old version of a sales contract, and any sales made using this particular contract could be rendered void. That’s V-O-I-D… VOID.

Imagine that!

Okay… We all understand that forms change. Sometimes change is industry driven, or based on feedback, or through new legislation. (Yes, that includes you, Office of Fair Trading!)

Regardless, it’s important to stay updated and use the latest version, thereby avoiding the scary consequences.

The only time you don’t have to worry about updating is when you’re using REI Forms Live (Realworks in Queensland) – your form and agreement creation tool. That’s because we keep your forms current, with no interruption and no downtime. You’ll remain up to date all the time.

Whenever you see “!” next to a form name in REI Forms Live/Realworks, that form has been updated. However, you still need to integrate it into your system… So this bit does require some input – not much though.

By clicking Update Template (yes, that’s all you have to do), the latest version of a particular form is downloaded. Any data in the old version is transferred to the new.

Once the form has been updated, we suggest that you review the content because new fields may have been added (that you need to fill out).

There are a couple of ways to check what’s new:

  1. Go to our News Page
  2. Print a draft version of your current form before you update it.

The Form Guru.