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Merry Clicksmas (again).

While you’ve been on holiday, enjoying the sun, chilling out and having fun, we’ve been ferreting away in here… tweaking things… to make your form life better.

Okay, we did take a break over Christmas, but we’ve come back with a great new feature in REI Forms Live (your form and agreement tool).

This is how it went down before Christmas

We were chatting amongst ourselves… talking about REI Forms Live… like, what else would be talking about… mulling over what we’ve achieved and what great innovators we are.

It sounded something like this:

People create form templates in REI Forms Live – it saves them time and they like it.
People also use the Related Forms feature in REI Forms Live, where they can transfer common information to related forms, like a Contract Form from an Sales Agency Agreement – it saves them time and they like it.

(Bet you wish you were invited to our Christmas break-up)

Then one of us said… it might have been an attempt at humour… What if we designed a feature that could create templates for Related Forms?

Related Forms to Templates?? No-one laughed, but suddenly there was a lot of excitement in the room.

Then a different one of us articulated our excitement:

You mean… Specific information from a form, transferred to another type of related form will include default information that has been set up in a template?

Yes!!!!! We all exclaimed together (a lot).
Great idea!!!! (ditto)

So we did it.

This is where we’re at now:

The process is simple. When creating a new Related Form, you will be provided with an option to select the type of Related Form you want to create and given the additional option of selecting from your created templates!

Two extra clicks to have standard information included in your form – it will save you time and you’ll like it.

Merry Clicksmas (again).

Anita O'Connor
The Form Guru.