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Door knobs and toilet seats.

Amal Khodair-Vemana is the General Manager of Amkar Real Estate, a boutique agency in Adelaide. Amal was one of the first agents to embrace our property management technology, REI Inspect Now.

Since we’re not ones to blow our own trumpet (much), we’ve asked Amal to do some blowing for us. She was happy to oblige because Inspect Now has helped her provide a more comprehensive, thorough property management service.

“I love it! But more importantly, owners and tenants love it.”

Okay, hands up here – we’ve heard that Inspect Now takes a little longer when doing the initial ingoing report, but once that is done, routine inspections and exit reports become a piece of cake.

“It probably takes me two or three hours to do the initial report, but I’m a bit of fanatic when it comes to recording details. Sometimes I take up to 250 photos, walking around a property, clicking away with my iPad. But it’s well worth it.”

Inspect Now is a very visual report – it’s easy to see the condition of a property, and all the other items that have to be recorded.

“I always try to be fair to both parties. That’s why it important to capture everything in the report – from walls and carpets to door knobs and toilet seats. Inspect Now allows me to do that, and helps prevent any future disputes between owner and tenant.”

The technology we use in REI Forms Inspect Now is updated and improved continually, making it even more user-friendly and efficient. And we are on hand to help with any training or problem solving.

“I wouldn’t use anything else – Inspect Now is easily the best property management system. I won’t compromise when it comes to running the agency and delivering the best service to our clients, so anything that helps us perform better I’m more than happy to use.”
So, if you’re looking at ways of improving agency efficiency and performance, download our inspection app (available on google play & app store). They’re all the same – just states being states and wanting their own name.

NSW: http://www.reiinspectlive.com.au/index.html
SA: http://reiinspectnow.com.au/index.html
QLD: http://realworksinspect.com.au/index.html
WA: http://www.realinspection.net.au/index.html

If you’re already using our forms product (REI Forms Live or Realworks) you can use the app immediately.