3 Innovations to grow your business with REI Forms Live

Stay steps ahead of your competition with access to the latest innovation and best quality data to help you win new listings and grow your business.

Turn contracts around in minutes – not weeks

Dramatically save time and turn contracts around faster with digital signatures. DocuSign allows you to send paperwork electronically for sign off on any mobile, tablet or digital device.

Power up your team

Make sure every member of your team has access to Australia’s best property data with their own login. Unique logins also power your access to our RP Data Pro iPhone app ensuring you can answer client queries anywhere and anytime.

Target your marketing

Save time and money on your marketing by strategically targeting home owners with the most compliant property marketing database overlaid on top of the most comprehensive real estate filters. Marketing Direct lets you send personalised mail and make direct calls to start a lifetime relationship.

REI Forms Live is proud to have negotiated the following special offers with CoreLogic RP Data for our members to make the most of these great new innovations.

Option 1: Sign up to DocuSign & receive Marketing Direct added database at 50% OFF

(Normally $40 per week)

Option 2: Sign up to DocuSign & receive 2 FREE additional logins to your RPP subscription

To take up this offer, click here

Offers available until 31 October, 2016.